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Educator, Entertainer, & 

Theater Artist Extraordinaire!

Hello Friends!

Hey Miss Cassidy, Whatcha been up to lately?

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend my first summer at The Woodlands Foundation, where I had the privilege of working with individuals of all ages who have disabilities. As a music camp instructor, I had the joy of leading the teen and adult campers in creating and performing their own original songs. I also had the pleasure of guiding the younger campers in a fun exploration of trains and transportation, using creative methods like art, music, delicious treats, and exciting activities. In all honesty, working at The Woodlands was one of the best experiences I've ever had and I will always hold dear the memories I made with everyone there.

I'm so glad you asked!

I had a the pleasure of collaborating with some of my favorite businesses in the 'burgh throughout this summer.  Whether it was overseeing the crafting table at Duolingo's Duoversary event, arranging an activity zone at Driftwood Oven's Summer Bash, performing downtown for various events for The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, or enjoying our monthly escapades at Golden Age Beer Co.,  I always have a blast helping kids and grown-ups alike have fun when out on the town.

I had a fantastic time leading summer camps at Winchester Thurston for six weeks. I had the chance to work with children from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade, and we had a blast participating in educational and recreational activities together. We got to try out different ways of cooking eggs in the Breakfast Club, create creepy crafts and dress up in Spooktacular Jr., write and perform a hilarious musical mystery comedy called "The Stolen Emerald Chicken Nugget" in the Production Studio, and even draw inspiration from classic artworks to design stunning makeup looks in Shake It Up Make It Up.



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