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Miss Cassidy's December Holiday Extravaganza!
Miss Cassidy Celebrates Black Inventors!
Miss Cassidy Creates
a Popcorn Party!

Join Miss Cassidy as we celebrate and learn about many of the exciting December Holidays!  We'll sing songs celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, and wintertime, and we'll do a craft while we learn about Kwanzaa, Solstice, and several other holidays celebrated all around the world in December! 

For our craft, you'll need paper (construction or plain), a pencil, scissors, tape, and coloring supplies. Our youngest Creators may need some help writing and cutting during this craft!

This activity is ideal for Learners 4-8 yrs old. Grown-up supervision is recommended since we will be using scissors in this craft.

Join me as we celebrate National Inventors Day and Black History Month by learning about some of the remarkable inventions created by Black Americans.  We'll build our own elevator and make our own 3D flower art while we learn about Alexander Miles (who patented the electric elevator), Valerie Thomas (who invented the technology that would lead to modern 3D imaging), and more!

For our craft you'll need:

-A cardboard milk carton or similar, tall and narrow container

-A pencil or similar wooden stick (longer than the cardboard container is wide)

-A cardboard toilet paper tube

-Construction paper

-Yarn or string



-A couple of coffee filters

-Coloring supplies

-A stapler or glue


This activity is ideal for ages 6-9, while younger learners are sure to enjoy the lesson as well, they will just need some help with the scissors

Join Miss Cassidy for a Popcorn Party! We'll learn about the history of popcorn while we make some delicious popcorn balls! 


For this kitchen adventure you'll need:

-2 bags of popcorn

-1 10 oz bag of marshmallows (mini or regular)

-1/4 cup of butter

-Any fun additions you'd like! Cereal, graham crackers, chocolate chips, candy bars, dried fruit, sprinkles... let your culinary creativity shine!

-1 large mixing bowl

-1 large microwave safe bowl

-1 rubber spatula

-1 cookie sheet

This is ideal for ages 4-8 with the help of a grownup! We'll be getting a little messy, but we'll also be practicing our measuring, fine motor skills, and sorting skills!

Miss Cassidy Celebrates Pride with a Dance Party!

Join Miss Cassidy as we celebrate Pride Month with a Dance Party!  We’ll celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community, inclusion, diversity, and loving yourself while we dance and learn about the history of Pride Month.

Scoot the coffee table out of the way, put on your favorite dancing clothes (maybe even your best rainbow attire!), and get the whole family up and moving! 

This activity is ideal for ages 4-8, but Leaners of all ages are sure to have fun bopping along to some tunes and moving their bodies!

Miss Cassidy Creates
a Cactus Craft!

Join Miss Cassidy as we create a cactus-themed craft and learn about the prickly plants! 

For this activity, you will need:

-At least 3 pieces of green construction paper or white paper colored/painted green.

-Additional paper for making flowers and your plant's pot

-Your favorite coloring utensil (and one black marker!)


-Glue (stick form is preferred but we can work with whatever!)


This activity is ideal for Learners 4-8 yrs old. Grown-up supervision is recommended since we will be using scissors in this activity.

Miss Cassidy Creates a Pie Party!

Join Miss Cassidy for a Pie Party and Kitchen Adventure! We'll learn about the science behind pie baking while we make our own mini-fruit pies!

Ingredients you will need:

-Store-bought pie crust

-Approximately 3 cups of your favorite fruit (that's about four thinly sliced apples or peaches, but berries are also a great option!)

-1/2 cup of sugar

-1 Lemon

-A pinch of salt

Optional: Any additional herbs and spices that match well with your favorite fruit.


Tools you will need:

-Baking Sheet

-Mixing Bowl

-Rubber Spatula or Wooden Spoon

-Butter knife

Optional: mason jar lid and rings


This activity is ideal for ages 5-9 with some grown-up help. We will be discussing kitchen safety throughout, but we'll always want to have a grown-up nearby for help!


If you know a kid and you haven't introduced them to Miss Cassidy Creates then they are SERIOUSLY missing out. She's ridiculously amazing. We've tried her Outschool classes, her in person events, her Facebook live dance parties & crafts, AND we've booked her for a private lesson because we love her so much.

She's engaging, patient, creative, fun, and so very kind. I cannot recommend her enough as an arts educator! Not convinced yet? Do yourself a favor and check out her next (free!) Facebook live dance party. You won't regret it.

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